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Can you cater a cocktail event at our office?

Absolutely! We can either use your on-site facilities and equipment, or we can bring our own entire kitchen if needed. Have a look at our menus.

Can you cater for a conference?

Yes, we cater for conferences of any size. We can take care of all meals, including morning/afternoon teas, and beverages and we can even cater for evening functions.

Is 500 people at our Christmas Party too many for you to cater for?

Not at all. We can cater for any number of guests from 10 to 4,000. And if you need help selecting the right venue, just contact us.

Can you cater for a boardroom lunch?

We LOVE boardroom lunches! We have heaps of menu options for both boardroom lunches and office meetings.

If we supply our own crockery and cutlery, will this help with the price?

Yes, providing your own crockery and cutlery will definitely reduce the price. All our quotes are based on your specific needs, so you only pay for the items you use.

Will it be a problem if our office has no kitchen?

No kitchen is no problem for Wine & Dine’m Catering. We can bring everything we need with us and we’ll either set up inside or outside with a small marquee.

Can you supply all the crockery, cutlery, glassware and linen?

We sure can. We’ll happily supply all of your catering needs – even tables, chairs, bollards and dry bars.

Can you cater for a gala event in our showroom?

Yes. We can build an event in any space and we can cater for 10 to up to 4,000 people.


How will you cater for our guests who have food allergies?

You’ll find our menus include a wide variety of dishes that accommodate different dietary requirements. We have lots of options that are gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan. But if you need something that’s not on our menus, our chefs can design something to suit.

Can I taste any of my menu selections before I book?

Of course. Just contact us and we can arrange a special menu tasting, but please note there may be a cost associated with this.

Do you prepare all the food at our venue?

We do most of the initial preparation in our commercial kitchen prior to the event. All of your menu items are then completed and plated at the venue and served fresh to your guests.

How late can we make changes to our menu?

All menus need to be finalised three working days prior to your event date.

Can you design a menu specifically for my event?

Yes, of course! If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on our menus, we can create a selection just for you. Please note that this will be a more expensive option, but contact us to discuss.

How much food should I order for my cocktail function?

We usually recommend five canapes per person for the first hour of service and then four canapes per person for every hour after that. If your event runs over a main meal period, we recommend you add at least one of our substantial cocktail items.

Of course, the right amount of food for a cocktail event depends on what time it’s being held, whether alcohol is being served and how hungry your guests are! If you’re unsure, contact us and we’ll be able to help.

Do you have more substantial cocktail party options that people can still eat standing up?

Yes, we have just what you’re looking for. Our substantial cocktail menu contains items that are more filling than canapés, but are designed to be eaten standing up.

Will your wait staff know about the food they’re serving?

Yes. Our experienced waiters are very familiar with our menus. They will be able to advise guests about each item, and which ones are gluten-free, vegetarian etc.


Do I need to tell you my budget?

Yes! This is SUPER important. No matter what your budget is, tell us up front so that we can design the best event possible within your parameters. We’re used to working with all kinds of budgets so don’t be afraid! We’d much rather provide you with a realistic quote first time around than waste your time designing something that’s never going to suit.

Do you have a delivery charge?

Yes we do. We can cater for events right throughout South-East Queensland, and the delivery charge will depend on your location. We’ll clearly itemise delivery fee and any surcharges on your quotation.

Do you have a minimum or maximum number of guests that you cater for?

We generally say between 10 and 4,000 guests. Some of our menu items do have a minimum order number that’s noted where applicable.

Can you help with more than just food and beverages?

We certainly can! We can help with all components you need for your event - lighting, theming, furniture hire - even releasing butterflies during a wedding! And if we can’t help, we partner with a range of businesses who can. Whatever you need, ask us and we’ll make it happen.

Do you only cater during certain hours?

We’re available to cater seven days a week, from breakfasts through to evening events. Surcharges may apply to staffing costs if your event is scheduled outside normal trading hours.

Do you cater on a public holiday?

Yes, but catering on a public holiday will involve surcharges. Your Event Coordinator will be able provide further details.

Can you deliver to my boat docked at Manly harbour?

Yes. We’ll happily deliver anywhere, bearing in mind normal workplace safety issues. If your location is tricky or needs special allowances, please let us know.


How many staff members do I need for my event?

We’ll be able to suggest a staffing ratio to best suit your event, but of course this can be negotiable if you or your guests have specific needs. We always advise against using your friends or relatives as wait or bar staff as this often causes issues or complications. Our staff members are fully trained and highly experienced to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Do I need to hire your staff for a minimum number of hours?

Yes. Our wait staff are hired for a minimum of 3 hours and our chefs are hired for a minimum of 3.5 hours.

Do your catering staff wear a uniform?

Yes. The staff for your event will be dressed in a black business shirt, black trousers, a black vest and a white tie. If you require a different uniform, this can be arranged so just ask us.


Can you suggest a venue that would suit our wedding ideas?

Yes. Our professional Event Coordinators have an in-depth knowledge of many Brisbane venues. We can offer advice on which one will make the perfect setting for your special day.

Can we taste the food before the wedding?

Of course. Just contact us and we can arrange a special menu tasting, but please note there may be a cost associated with this.

Can I provide a wedding cake knife that is dear to me?

Yes. We’ll happily incorporate a special knife for cutting your wedding cake.

Do you cater for rehearsal dinners?

We sure do. Holding a rehearsal dinner in your private home is a wonderful idea. Our chefs and waiters will expertly handle everything and then clean up afterwards. You can relax and enjoy the special company of your bridal party and family.

Can you also help with the styling?

Yes. We can assist you with every part of your wedding, from catering, equipment and styling or theming options. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Can you cater for canapés served in between our ceremony and the reception?

Absolutely. While the bridal party has photos, Wine & Dine’m Catering can serve delicious hot and cold canapés to your guests. And we’ll make sure the bridal party is served their own platter, too!

Who will be in charge on my wedding day?

You’ll be appointed a highly experienced Supervisor who will be your point of contact on the wedding day. We’ll provide you with the Supervisor’s contact details prior to the day in case of an emergency. Of course, if you would like your Wine & Dine’m Event Coordinator on-site for your wedding day, we can arrange that as well.

We suggest you appoint another trusted guest as our point of contact so we don’t need to disturb you if we have any questions. This could be your MC or a bridesmaid.

Will you cut and serve a wedding cake that I provide?

Yes. We are quite happy to serve a wedding cake provided by you. We can either serve a slice with double cream and coulis to each guest at the table, or we can set up a dessert station for your guests to help themselves.