2020 food trends have been the topic of much discussion around Wine & Dine’m HQ recently. As caterers that pride ourselves on innovation through food, staying ahead of the trends is imperative to our business. For example, in 2019 we declared the demise of the doughnut wall at #WD20 with its successor, the cheese wall. Since its introduction, the cheese wall has quickly become one of our most sought after pop-up stations.

As we enter 2020, we’ve asked our team to peer into their crystal balls and share their 2020 food trends and predictions.


One of the key 2020 food trends our team have recognised is the environmental considerations. More frequently our clients are wanting to learn more about where their food has come from.

The provenance of food is becoming increasingly important to our clients. Knowing where our food comes from and their sustainability practices, is essential to the future of food – Craig, Director

In 2020 we will continue to reduce our impact even further as a sustainable and environmentally conscious business. Environmental sustainability is a complex problem and one that Wine & Dine’m Catering will influence positively. We will do this by understanding and sharing the story behind our food through the produce and the people. The journey of produce will continue to shape the way we approach our menus as we go back to basics and seek out those who grow, craft and provide us with food from the heart and soul – Ammie, General Manager

Many of our clients are already interested in making conscious decisions of the environmental impacts of the food that we eat. In 2020 I predict this will only continue to grow – Kaitlyn, Logistics Manager 


It was not all that long ago when veganism and plant-based eating was merely a fringe movement. Now in 2020 it is estimated that approximately 2.5 million Australian’s follow some form of vegetarian, vegan or plant-based diet.

I think we are going to continue to see an increase in vegetarianism this year as more people are moving away from meat products. I feel this is partially due to rising meat prices and also public sentiment around climate change – Michael, Assistant FOH Manager

Vegan food is growing stronger each year. It’s almost a new challenge for different places to want to have the best meat alternatives – Kate, PA and Admin Support

In 2020 I’m expecting the tides to continue to change towards plant-based eating. There are so many reasons inspiring people to make the change including animal welfare, environmental considerations and health benefits. It’s never been easier to eat plant-based with new alternatives constantly making their way into the market – Jess, Marketing and Admin

It was only recently that the Golden Globes served their guests an entirely plant-based meal. I expect we will see more of this in our own events – Odette, Event Manager


Like plant-based dining, clients are increasingly requesting dietary alternatives for medically diagnosed allergies and lifestyle choices. In the early days of Wine & Dine’m Catering, dietary requirements only accounted for 5% of all guests at any event. Now, in 2020 dietary requirements average closer to 30% of guest numbers.

This grew last year however I think it will only become bigger and better this year. The ‘weird’ section of the supermarket now has so many tasty dietary snacks that are gluten and dairy free – Sheree, Event Manager

This is a huge part of our business. We have seen a significant increase in lifestyle choices including plant-based eating, Keto and Paleo, alongside medically diagnosed allergies. As a result this is an opportunity for Wine & Dine’m to lead the way in the catering industry by educating our staff and clients as we develop a new era of menus that cater towards lifestyle preferences and medically diagnosed allergies – Ammie, General Manager

I think we can expect to see more replacements for flour and dairy with plant alternatives. For example, milk being replaced with almond or oat milk and vegetables like cauliflower and zucchini being used as replacements for pasta, rice and pizza bases – Odette, Event Manager


It isn’t just the food that we are eating that’s set to change in 2020. Beverages, particularly those in the cocktails and spirits category, are changing to meet the demands of the consumer.

Tea and kombucha have wandered into the alcoholic beverage scene and I am here for it. I’m also predicting bio-dynamic wine to rise in popularity – Sheree, Event Manager

I expect to see a rise in quality tequila. Proper tequila is very different to what is consumed in the mainstream. Brisbane is always happy to get onboard a new booze fad – Lincoln, Executive Chef

I think the gin revival is going to continue to grow this year. In particular, classic cocktails such as Southside Fizz and the English Garden cocktail. With flavoured gins on the rise, I am interested to see the new and exciting gin creations bar tenders come up with – Michael, Assistant FOH Manager


On the contrary to the increased demand for plant-based and dietary alternatives, another trend has emerged deviating from this modern style of dining. Away from the meatless burgers wrapped in lettuce leaves, classic cuisines are returning to the menu.

Food Classics are back – old school retro food is coming back baby! Forgotten classics that are ready to be relived such as the vol au vent, classic cream sauces, devils on horseback and lamingtons are all hidden gems that can be reworked and made fresh again. Later this year we will be releasing our own retro menu – Lincoln, Executive Chef