Our Executive Chef, Lincoln Hoole is known for his sense of fun and creative style and is always looking for ways to work with colourful produce to make a dish stand out. You just have to follow along on his Instagram account to enjoy this.

Lincoln was recently thrilled to get the opportunity to team up with Mandi of Ivy and Bleu Events to help launch her Bleu Home homewares range.

Bleu Home is serving a growing demand for online stores where customers can source and purchase event hire and styling products.  ‘People always asked if they could purchase my napkins or buy the candles we used at events. The logical thing was for me to make them accessible to the public to use at home and gift to friends and family’ Mandi said. Our blog showcases more images of the range.

The photoshoot was held on the veranda of Mandi’s family homestead and features Bleu Home charcoal French linen, signature cutlery, blue pillar stone candles and black ceramic candle holders to match the Grit Ceramics onyx plates and bentwood chairs.

Although Mandi provided an outline of what she wanted to achieve with the aesthetic of the photoshoot, she gave Lincoln creative freedom to make her range stand out.

Lincoln’s Green fields pea dish was styled to reflect the local Scenic Rim landscape and produce incoporating green spheres, crisp and smooth textures and finished with pea dust. The resulting Pea sponge, edamame mousse, tendril tips, olive oil pearls, compressed green melon looked magical!

Lincoln’s second dish was set to sparkle, shiny and bright against the Grit Ceramics onyx ceramic plate and charcoal French linen napkins. The soft and jammy flesh of a ripe persimmon provided the sponge base and a powerful vitamin C and B kick! It was plated with a whole candy clementine, orange sherbet, orange jam and topped with a gold leaf. The perfect accompaniment to a glass of Veuve wouldn’t you agree?

The third and final dish featured pink tones from in-season rhubarb and cloud-like textures from the lemon myrtle meringue and elderflower gloss. A crunchy yet dreamy dessert to complement any meal during this cold season!

Lincoln has been a qualified Chef for over 30 years and we have been lucky enough to have him as part of our team for the past three. We sat down with Lincoln here to find out more about who and what inspires him.

See our event packages or let us customise a package and menu specially for you. We look forward to sharing our newest creations + raising a glass together again soon! 

All images taken by Kaitlin Maree Photography