We recently catered for over 200 guests at the Valiant Events 2018 showcase to launch their new furniture collections in Bloom, Casablanca, Breeze, Cresence, Outline and Brassiere.   The event was held six meters underground in the 140 year old architecturally astonishing Spring Hill Reservoir.

It was the perfect partnership opportunity for our chefs to innovate by designing a menu to match each of the collections in six uniquely designed areas. Our signature Ink Gin Blossom Martini was paired with the Fiumara cigar to compliment the sophistication and tonal velvets in the Cresence collection, while the Crabisicle ice-station served custom seafood canapes including the Shellfish & Citrus salad, lemonade jam with vibrant ocean pearls.   The custom Dark sponge passion fruit desert was hand rolled in golden sparkles amongst the Outline Collection.  Droll over the full menu below.

Guests enjoyed performances by Dan McGahan music and a special guest appearance by The Block judge Neale Whitaker.  Kudos to Valiant Events for putting on an incredible event and to the A-team of suppliers who made it possible.


Ink Gin Blossom Martini


Prawn arancini

WNDM beef pie, red wine, butter puff

Tuna green, smoked green tomato sambal, green olive, crisp (df)

Prawn & wakami refresher, furikake crunch, lime (gf/df)

Fiumara cigar, goats cheese parfait, filo, citrus cream (v)

Pork belly, pineapple gel, chilli caramel, roasted rice – spoon (gf/df)


Crabsicle & lemon tree branch

Shellfish & Citrus salad, lemonade jam with vibrant ocean pearls

Pickled kohlrabi, yellow toast, heirloom beet wafer (v)

Middle eastern luxury, large green olives, long ras el hanout shards

Chick pea puffs, jarrah pumpkin, orange reduction

Rosewater hen, sumac pockets, green tomato pickle

Guava crème, popping candy fruit, flossy, black waffle cone