For six years, we have been complimented and asked questions about our recognisable Wine & Dine’m website image. They say a picture tells a thousand words, and this image is a one that embodies the very essence of our business, and tells more than a thousand words could. This intriguing image tells a story, and we thought it time we’d share our very own ‘behind the scenes’ story of it’s creation.

It’s of style and indulgence, of entertaining and being entertained. It’s a collection of moments that encapsulate the essence of catering, it is about the experience. From when we first saw the vision, the phrase “your indulgence is our obsession” became our raison d’etre.

In 2009 we were looking to rebrand and had a few ideas. The idea started around creating a number scenes that reflected the different styles of events that we cater. Originally, we were looking at 22 different scenes, too many locations and an army of models. Fortunately, we were introduced to an incredibly talented photographer; although the word ‘photographer’ does not quite capture his true abilities, Damien Bredberg. Damien was very engaging from the start, and didn’t laugh at us when we described in detail our vision.

The idea was that it would be reminiscent of the style of the original Agent Provocateur advertisements, we did wonder how lingerie models and lingerie were going to translate to an image for a catering company.

The location was found, and believe it or not it was shot upstairs at The Old Museum on Gregory Terrace.

The scenes were planned, models were corralled, dressed, quiffed and ready to be shot.

The styling elements arrived in all manner of ways and were carried up three flights of stairs in the museum.

All in all, the shoot was created with 16 separate scenes, 11 models and one location. Damien spent over 80 hours in pre production, a full 13 hours onsite shooting the image and 40 hours in post production to deliver Our image, and we love it even 6 years on.

Thank you Damien, a thousand words can not describe how much we love the image, and how you took our vision and delivered something so timeless and en pointe.

Damien’s work can be seen at He has since also created images for Victoria Park, Movember, Echo Entertainment and The Wallabies.