When we look back through 2015, it was a year full to the brim with cronuts, kale, craft beer, food trucks and American fair.

Looking forward, our expert team of staff have pin-pointed predictions and event based food trends to look out for in the year ahead.

Back to basics. Exotic menus, super-foods and intricate canapes are not to be dismissed easily, however this year people are going to go back to wanting ‘real’ food. Classic food created from fresh produce.

Private celebrations. Throughout 2015 we noticed an increase in the number of privately hosted events and celebrations, and we expect this to continue. Your home and backyard spaces can really create a unique and memorable evening.

Image: Lisa Clark Photographer 

New alternatives. With global demand for our lamb, pork and beef continually on the rise, along with our less than favourable Australian dollar, you can expect to find delicious alternatives to these on the menu. Expect creativity with these meats, along with smaller portions being served.

Middle Eastern influence. We have seen our fair share of American sliders and Mexican tacos this year. Have you tried Palestinian cuisine? Next on the list of international fairs to experience, it offers unique dishes, full flavor and new tastes.

Pop Ups! The traditional ticketed and public events will need to make room for a concept that is gathering a lot of momentum in Brisbane. The infamous ‘pop-up’ event comes in many forms, and often revolves around delicious food and wine.

Going local. In 2015 we saw unanimity amongst food trend trackers that local produce would become more prominent. Expect more and more cafes and restaurants growing their own greens to complement their menu.

Ye Ol’ Feast. Moving away from three-course fine dining, feasts are on the horizon. Think long tables, share plates and abundant selections.

Cooking over charcoal. Smoking meat is one trend that lends itself to the Australian landscape. With chefs experimenting on types of meat cuts with different timbers, it is fast becoming an art form of its own. Expect spicy foods and charred flavours, with the move towards unique and ethnic items.

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