Signature beef flank, Shiraz risotto, softened Irish blue cheese

HOW you serve is just as important as WHAT you serve!⁠ A beautiful plate certainly can lift the simplest of meals and enhance your dining experience. It’s for this reason we love using serving platters by GT Homewares for special events.

Eat your green, socially-distanced desserts

“GT Homeware plates are a great compliment to the food we present” our Executive Chef, Lincoln Hoole explains. “The free form, organic shapes are a pleasure to deal with.”

Goat cheese mouse, pink grapefruit, floral Borage, toasted grains

The plates are Australian made and commercial grade made specifically for the hospitality industry. The GT signature style is recognised by many of Australia’s top restaurants having a sharp and unique, quality finish which we love!

Parisian shoe-pastry with variations of strawberry

The organic tones compliment both a simple meal or a showstopping dessert. We love the way the raw glaze looks on a benchtop table. What colour do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

White fish, winter peas, succulents, warm cucumber, bay oil
Smoked hock, poached eggs, brioche, herbs served with sparkling Shiraz

As part of our catering service we can supply all equipment and hire items when you select your menu with us. Just speak with our friendly team when making you make your event booking. In addition, we supply a range of packaging and equipment hire items through our Express Catering business or when you purchase canapes from The Canape Shop.