Let us introduce you to Alex, or as he is more officially known, our ‘Logistics Legend’. We spent 5 minutes with Alex over the water cooler to find out more…

What is your role at WNDM?

My title is officially known as ‘Logistics Legend’. I deliver our beautiful food to our beautiful clients, as well as a lot of behind the scenes work at the depot. 

How many years have you been at WNDM?

Almost 2 years. But thyme flies when you’re having fun. (Mind the food pun)

Most memorable event/occasion?

I’ve only worked one front of house shift as a waiter, and that would have to be the most memorable. I was kitted up in full medieval getup, and it still haunts me to this day how close I was to spilling a whole tray full of champagne all over my lovely robes. Never again!

Favourite meal/dish/cuisine?

Beer is love. Beer is life. I thrive on a good drop, and there’s no better than Stone & Wood’s Pacific Ale. The flavour resembles angels of summer crying of happiness in my mouth.

Anything else you would like to mention?

Chuck us a follow on Instagram to be apart of my little beer life @al.sweatshirt (If I don’t promote myself, who will?!)