Last year we welcomed to the team our General Manager (aka #bosslady), who in a short time has become a part of the family and has helped propel us into a bright and busy year. Let us introduce you to Ammie…

Role at Wine & Dine’m? 

General Manager.

How many years have you worked at Wine & Dine’m? 

Just over 8 month, but it feels like much longer with all of the exciting events we have already been a part of in this short period.

Early bird or night owl?

Night owl.

Cat or dog lover?

I have such a soft spot for dogs, and have two amazing Beagles.

Fav Superhero? 

Wonder Woman!

What is your favourite dish or cuisine?

I find it difficult to decide on a dish in a restaurant let alone a favourite of all time. I love all food, and if I have to select one place to dine, I like to go somewhere that as a group we can order a selection of dishes and share.

Most memorable moment with WNDM?

Looking back at the events we were involved in over 2015, it really is spectacular to see the vast range of events we had a pleasure to be a part of. I love that on the same weekend we can be delivering a sit-down wedding experience, as well the catering for an exciting corporate product launch.

Any crazy event highlights? 

Falls Festival Byron Bay was definitely an event highlight and experience for all of us. Some crazy highlights are better left behind the scenes.

Favourite Restaurant?

I love Sono at Portside.

What inspires you?

Working with a team that are passionate about this industry and what they do. Always pushing the boundaries to create something new and spectacular.

Tip off on your next catering trend?

People are more starting to become more aware and invested in where their food comes from. In saying that, I think there will a shift and stronger focus on sustainable sourced produce. I also think the popularity of foods cuisine stations and sharing platters and feasts will be around for the year ahead.

What are your words of wisdom?

How you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.