If Wine & Dine’m were a person, that person would be Craig Fox. With over 20 years catering experience, Craig is one of the original founders of Wine & Dine’m. Our fearless Director has been walking the talk of creative catering for over 16 years.

Today, we find out how the Director of a catering company producing over 1,250 events a year really spends his days…

Early bird or night owl?

A little of both, becoming more of an early bird than a night owl.

Tea or coffee?

Coffee definitely.

What is your favourite dish/ cuisine to cook and eat?

Favourite dish would have to be duck anything.

Most memorable moment/ event with WNDM?

Whilst catering an event a few years ago, the creek between the main road and event venue rose 2 meters during the event! Working with a great crew we found an exit for guests and then had to work out how we could get out. There’s a picture floating round of our chefs and waiters pushing a van through the flooded river.

Favourite Restaurant?

Anise in New Farm. One of our old chefs is the Head Chef and the food and service is sublime.

How many people work at your business?

We have 11 full time staff with a casual workforce approaching 150.

What are your key skills and responsibilities?

Managing our client and venue relationships. Having worked in off-site catering for 20 years there aren’t a lot of functions that I have not been a part of, so I can lend my experience to help create an event that fulfils our client’s desired outcomes.

What is something people wouldn’t know about your business?

Our business is 18 years old in May.

What have you learnt lately?

Our people are our business, whether it’s our waiters on-site or the amazing team in our logistics crew who make sure everything gets to where it’s going and back again.

What do you hope to achieve in your industry?

A reconnection between people and food, and where it comes from.

What inspires you?

The enthusiasm of new staff, fresh ideas and alternative thinking.

What are your words of wisdom?

Don’t ask anyone to do something you’re not willing to do yourself.