Early bird or night owl?

I’m an early bird, and usually wake up to my little baby crying.

Tea or coffee?

Tea – Lemon & ginger tea is my favourite, helps to sleep easier.

Cat or dog lover?

Dog! I have a little dog back in my country that I miss so much.

What is your role at WNDM?

I’m a demi chef. My role is to support our sous/head chefs, and to also assist with the creation of new menus.

How many years have you been at WNDM?

5 years.

Why do you like about working in a kitchen?

I really enjoy working with the team here.

What inspires your creations for each new menu?

Korean dishes, such as Bulgogi & Kimchi (so healthy and delicious.)

What is your favourite dish/Cuisine to cook and eat?

I enjoy creating Asian cuisine such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Most memorable event with WNDM?

The Legacy Way Tunnel launch event! We catered for 516 guests, and it was an awesome team effort, with our kitchen and front of house staff coming together. It was also just so cool serving in the tunnel.

Favourite café or Restaurant?

My favourite restaurant is in Sunnybank, called ‘Landmark’. I have yum-cha there every Sunday morning.