If you have attended a Wine & Dine’m catered event, it is very likely you have been greeted by our superhero Event Supervisor, Kate.

Kate is an energiser bunny with a passion for impeccable service, leaving not a single empty wine glass unturned.

In between her hectic scheduling and planning, we sat down with Kate to find out more…

Role at Wine & Dine’m Catering?

Event Supervisor.

How many years have you worked at Wine & Dine’m Catering? 

Two years this May, the time has flown!

Early bird or night owl?

Night owl.

Cat or dog lover?


Favourite Superhero? 

My mum.

What is your favourite cuisine, and dish?

Vietnamese. I love the vibrant and fresh flavours of this cuisine. I was lucky enough to travel to Vietnam last year and my favourite dish is Bún chả, a grilled pork noodle dish served with lots of fresh herbs and chilli, thought to have originated from Hanoi.

Most memorable event moment?

My most memorable moment was at a week long conference held at Ivory’s Rock. During a buffet breakfast service for 300 international guests I spotted an American man by the marquee door, dunking a breakfast biscuit in his coffee, clearly dissatisfied with his choice. I couldn’t help going over to let him know that Aussie breakfast biscuits are way better when you add milk.

Any crazy event highlights? 

Craziest event to date is the Legacy Way Tunnel launch dinner. I’m excited to see what events the sales team can bring in this year to top that one.

Most enjoyable venue to work at? 

Museum of Brisbane. I enjoy working in a space filled with so much creativity and the museum staff are lovely!

Brisbane ‘must visit’ Restaurant?

Anise in New farm. It is a wine bar and restaurant with a fabulous degustation menu.

What inspires you?

Visiting new places.