How many years have you worked at WNDM?

1.5 years and almost 500 events later!

What line of work were you in before WNDM?

I was travelling through Asia and taught English in South Korea.

What is something no one would know about you?

I fainted mid air while skydiving – needless to say I haven’t quite conquered my fear of heights!!

Early bird or night owl?

Neither – I’m really a Nana who loves sleeping

Cat or dog lover?

Dogs! I really want a sausage dog who can come to brunch on the weekend!

What is your favourite cuisine?

Korean – I love the way meals are shared so you always get lots of variety plus the fermented foods and bone broths are great for your health which is a bonus!

Most memorable event with WNDM?

Falls Festival 2015/2016 Backstage catering for VIP’s and artists – I got to work with a great team onsite for 10 days.

Any crazy event highlights?

The opening of the Legacy Way tunnel in 2015 was pretty unforgettable. Not everyday you get to cater for 500 people in a tunnel

Favourite venue to work at?

Courier Mail paper Stores – it only gets opened for use once a year for the Hummingbird House Gala Dinner but it is an incredible space to work in. Or TRI – The Atrium is such a versatile space and perfect for long table dinners or large cocktail parties.

Favourite Restaurant?

Ristorante La Famiglia, their veal scallopine is the best!

What inspires you?

Seeing people enjoying the experience I have helped create – be it an event or a cake – my 2 great passions