Introducing our three fearless, go-getting leaders, Craig Fox, Ammie Watts and Lincoln Hoole.  The trio embody and reflect our company ethos of style, passion, innovation and celebration. They are the creative masterminds running the show and if you don’t already know them we would like to introduce you! They do say many minds are better than one…

Craig Fox – Director/Founder – 19 Years

Craig has been at the helm of Wine & Dine’m Catering since its inception in 1999 establishing relationships with both clients and suppliers that now span multiple decades. As a trusted and respected industry leader with a career in catering of 24 years, he leads the team with an in depth knowledge of Brisbane, its venues, people and events. Craig’s industry recognition includes being on the Board of the International Special Events Society (Australasian affiliate) from 2009 to 2015.

Ammie Watts – General Manager- 2 Years

Ammie Watts is a dynamic, rising star of Queensland’s catering world.  This highly efficient General Manager with a hospitality career that now boasts 15 years has numerous career achievements including tertiary qualifications in Training and Hospitality Management and background as a chef.  She has a reputation as a strong leader and team builder with a track record of getting the best performance from her team.

Lincoln Hoole – Executive Chef – 6 Months

Since returning to Queensland in January, Lincoln Hoole, one of the most sought after and highly awarded catering industry chefs in Australia, has lead the Wine & Dine’m chef team.  Lincoln has 25 years as a professional chef – the majority of which has been dedicated to high-end, high volume off-site catering.  Throughout his career he has led chef teams catering some of the largest scale conferences and prestigious events in Australia.

The three leaders of Wine & Dine’m Catering embody a strong company culture of:

Celebration  Passion  Style  Innovation

So cheers to them!!