In celebration of the summer season fast approaching, the Wine&Dine’m team have been working to develop a creative and fresh ‘growing’ menu to welcome the change in season.

In the first week of August, our boardroom space played host to a private dining experience revealing a range of handcrafted items from the new Canapé and Feast menus.

Guests were wined and dined with the finest of locally sourced produce, along with a private tasting tour with our head chef.

This year we are pleased to offer a unqiue look and feel from traditional canapé menus, with the ethos of allowing ingredients to shine through individually as well as coming together for the flavour combinations.

This year our chef has designed canapés to be horizontal in nature, allowing all components to be appreciated and play a part in the visual aspect, creating a “mini plate” experience that comes together in one bite.

‘I like to find a product and then design something to highlight its unique strengths and profile’, explains our chef.

New menus will be available Wednesday, 2 September.

View our current range of menus for more inspiration.

Feel free to contact our team at any time.