In 2015 Nick Steiner and Luis Cardenas from our event and kitchen teams started a not for profit called The Mini Farm Project.

The aim of The Mini Farm Project uses a landshare program to develop various sized garden beds, or pods as they are called, that directly employs and skills trains the homeless and teens at risk to grow and distribute food to local charities with kitchens that produce cooked meals to feed the needy.

This year they plan to establish twenty pods in on residential and business shared land. With five pods nearly completed they are well on their way.

In 2016, Wine & Dine’m Catering chose to support The Mini Farm Project and became their first corporate sponsor.  We also hosted the first pod at the back of our premises, which is a wicking bed made from reused food grade IBC tanks to show what a pod looks like on spare commercial premises.

Our sponsorship will allow for the creation of the first five “pods”, assistance with social media, allowance of paid time to work on the project  and allow for the charity to scope their ideas.

We are incredibly proud of Nick and Louis and honoured that we can be part of the start of something that will change people’s lives.

We are excited to be involved with the project and each day we see more growth and our staff are first hand seeing the beauty of a growing garden.

We’ll be posting updates on the growth, what we’re growing here and how you can support The Mini Farm Project. In the meantime, you can also follow their progress through their Facebook Page.