Sustainability is a topic that we at Wine & Dine’m Catering are passionate about. In 2018 we developed a series of sustainability initiatives and goals. The purpose of these initiatives is to reduce our environmental impact and encourage a culture of waste reduction. These sustainability initiatives aim to recycle, reuse, repurpose and rethink our consumption habits.

In order to further reduce our carbon footprint we are now supplying premium sparkling and still water bottled in house and delivered in reusable glass bottles for all functions and events. Our premium still and sparkling water passes through a Nordaq Fresh filtered system. This removes any impurities and unwanted flavours. While cooling the water it maintains natural salts and minerals for a balanced, neutral, rounded taste. Using this system also means reducing the amount of single use bottles heading to landfill.

This initiative will help save over 8,000 plastic bottles from being discarded into landfill each year.

sustainability initiatives

Contact our team for more information on hosting a sustainable event or head over to our sustainability page to view more of our sustainability initiatives.