Sustainability Initiatives and Goals


Building a sustainable and environmentally conscious business has always been a priority for us. From supporting local farmers to partnering with the Mini Farm Project, we like to think our efforts have made a difference over the years.  But we recognise that we can always do more, which is why we’re pledging our commitments to reduce our impact even further through a range of initiatives that aim to reduce, recycle or reuse plastics, power, waste, paper and oil. Hover over the below images to view the targets set until 31 December.

  • Sustainability Plastics
    Sustainability Pledge || Plastic
    As of 12 June, we ceased all supply of plastic straws at our events, functions and in our kitchens.
  • Sustainability Plastics
    Sustainability Pledge || Plastic
    As of 1 September, we substituted all single use plastic containers with a reusable and/or recyclable alternative.
  • Sustainability Solar Panels
    Sustainability Pledge || Power
    We have installed 55 solar panels at HQ which produce an est. of 1.6MW of power per month, reducing our grid consumption by 12%.
  • Sustainability Energy
    Sustainability pledge || Power
    By 31 December, all lighting at HQ will be replaced with LEDs; and all lights in the warehouse will be repositioned to consume less power.
  • Sustainability Paper
    Sustainability pledge || Paper
    As of 13 July, all office copy paper was replaced with Planet Ark's bright white environmentally friendly alternative.
  • Sustainability Mini Farm Project
    Sustainability pledge || Waste
    As of 17 July, all compostable waste collected was donated to the Mini Farm Project where it will help regenerate garden crops to grow fruits and vegetables for those in need.
  • Sustainability Dual Screens
    Sustainability pledge || Paper
    As of 1 September, all HQ staff received dual screens to further reduce office paper consumption.
  • Sustainability Oil
    Sustainability pledge || Oil
    By 31 December 2018, we're aiming to reduce our oil consumption overall by 20% by using non-stick pans, opting for ovens over fryers and tweaking our menus to require less oil.
  • Sustainability Cardboard
    Sustainability pledge || Waste
    On 14 August, we started working with our fruit and vegetable suppliers to have our daily produce delivered in reusable crates.