Let’s throwback to 1999. The year where Ricky Martin was Livin La Vida Loca and a 17-year-old fresh faced Britney Spears was definitely violating a few school dress codes. Hairdressers were being inundated with requests for the “Jen” cut and pleated skirts were all the rage.

Meanwhile in Brisbane, two chefs and two waiters sat in a motel in Hamilton enjoying a glass (or two) of wine when the idea came about to use their own industry experience to create a catering company. While not always known as Wine & Dine’m Catering (originally BLT Catering; although that was very short lived), the core value of creating innovative dining experiences has remained consistent over the years. Wine & Dine’m Catering started out with no more than a desk out the back of a kitchen, with a phone and fax machine to send out quotes.

Now in our 20th year of business, we celebrated our platinum anniversary by introducing our new partnership with The Fortitude Music Hall to our clients, suppliers and friends.

(Image: An original Wine & Dine’m branded delivery vehicle.)


Upon arrival guests were warmly welcomed with drinks and canapes by Wine & Dine’m Catering Director, Craig Fox in the foyer bar. The main doors for the venue remained tightly closed in anticipation for the moment the guests were ushered up into the mezzanine.

The Fortitude Music Hall’s Venue Director and former member of Powderfinger John “JC” Collins briefly spoke about the partnership before raising the curtain to unveil the first look at The Fortitude Music Hall. The 220 invited guests looked down over the venue’s stage and main venue space which featured the various theatrical food displays and central floor bar.

the fortitude music hall

At one end of the theatre floor a grazing station with a replica of Brussel’s Mannekin Pis statue offered guests a fruit punch poured from the fountain’s unconventional spout. While across the room a cheese wall declared the demise of 2015’s longest lasting event trend, doughnut walls. In the back corner a laser cage surrounded a dessert station where a single waiter stood holding an abrupt sign to “WAIT” to any guest who approached before dessert was served.

The showstopper for the evening however was the venue itself. Inspired by some of the world’s most celebrated art-deco theaters, The Fortitude Music Hall pays tribute to the past and bespeaks to the future.


There is no denying that The Fortitude Music Hall is set to have a tremendous impact on Brisbane’s music and events industries. For us at Wine & Dine’m Catering, the partnership has also influenced the future of our company.

“Whilst one-off catering events (either private, corporate or special events) have been the mainstay of catering for the last 20 years, it is in venues and regular contracts that allow us to grow. It is not our intention to step away from these one-off events as they will always be central to our business.  As we move into our 21st year we will be embracing venues like The Fortitude Music Hall to grow our range of services and create a more consistent business. Now more than ever my focus is on how we can step a little gentler through the world, looking at our impact not just environmentally but focusing on the wellness of our staff, engagement of our clients and the next generations of hospitality staff.”

Wine & Dine’m Catering Director, Craig Fox.

“In the next 20 years I see The Fortitude Music Hall as a great stepping-stone for the next phase of Wine & Dine’m Catering with much larger scale events, big music events and backstage catering.”

– Wine & Dine’m Catering Executive Chef, Lincoln Hoole.
The fortitude music hall

Thank you to all the suppliers, clients and friends who have supported us throughout the past 20 years and a big thank you to all the staff and suppliers that helped make this celebration possible.

Venue: The Fortitude Music Hall

Caterer & Event Host: Wine & Dine’m Catering

Photobooth: Box and Dime

DJ: Liquid Wax

Lighting and Furniture: AVIdeas

Florals / Cheese wall: The Perfect Party Co

Event Partner: LOUD Events

Laser cage: Ikonix

Event Photographer: Leah Desborough

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