We’ve seen a lot of wedding trends come and go, but there are some trends that we hope will stick around. In 2020 you can expect to see the usual on-trend colours, flower combinations and styling choices, but the trends worth following go beyond the creative details. As we enter the new decade, we are excited to see couples take a more personal approach to their wedding. For instance, many couples are replacing big, lavish blowouts with smaller, intimate affairs. In addition to this, couples are becoming increasingly interested in hosting sustainable events – now THAT’S a trend we can get behind!

If you are looking to tie the knot in the ‘20s, these are the wedding trends to follow.

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1. Smaller weddings in more intimate spaces

In 2020 we are expecting to see reduced guest lists and smaller venues like Loyal Hope and Newstead Studios becoming increasingly popular. Formerly the pressure to invite relatives you hadn’t seen since childhood or situational acquaintances was common felt. More recently couples are choosing to celebrate with only their closest friends and family. By keeping the guest list small and intimate, this allows couples to spend more time with each guest.

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2. Canape/Stand Up Weddings

Sit down dining has historically been the popular choice for weddings. However, we are currently experiencing the tides changing as couples are more often selecting less formal dining styles. For instance, canapes and interactive cuisine stations are skyrocketing in popularity. This dining trend allows for more opportunity for guests to socialise amongst each other and have a choice in what they are eating.

In all honesty the biggest perk for hosting a stand-up wedding is not having to worry about pesky seating charts!

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3. Adding personalised touches

Your wedding should be a celebration of you. Hence the trend of personalising elements of the day to reflect your relationship and common interests. For instance, “Canon in D” has become somewhat of a rarity with more personal songs increasingly accompanying processionals. Similarly, other ideas we have seen couples add to their day have included:

  • Involving their pets in the ceremony
  • Geographical table names reflecting the places they have travelled
  • Cake toppers that feature their favourite action figures
  • Neon signs with a favourite quote

Wine & Dine’m newlyweds David and Chau added a personal touch to their wedding with personalised Nutella bonbonnieres. In addition to adding a personal touch, these favours also doubled as place names. Plus who doesn’t like Nutella?

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4. Gin Bars

Basic beer, wine and soft drink offerings are on the way out with gin bars being the popular beverage choice. Specifically, floral and citrus infused gins are having their moment in the spotlight. Archie Rose and Ink Gin are our recommendations for couples looking for gins with a twist!

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5. Eco-friendly alternatives

In 2020 green weddings are set to continue their rise with many couples opting for plastic free events. From eco-friendly confetti to carbon offsetting honeymoons, there are so many ways to reduce the environmental impacts of weddings.

Some of our favourite ways to reduce the environmental footprint of weddings include:

  • Using native, in season flowers
  • Hiring décor or purchasing second hand and on-selling after the event
  • Upcycling old jewellery and clothing attire
  • Hiring local vendors to reduce travel footprint
  • Using recycled paper for stationery
  • Repurposing wedding items in your home

As your caterer you can be assured that the produce provided for your day has been sourced locally. If you would like to read more about our sustainability initiatives, please click here.

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6. Plant-based and dietary friendly menus

In 2019 we noticed a higher demand than ever for menus that cater to a variety of dietary requirements. From medically diagnosed allergies like Coeliac’s Disease, to dietary lifestyles including veganism and plant-based eating; there is no denying that society is becoming increasingly aware of what they are eating. As a result, many weddings are choosing menus that are inclusive for everyone.

At Wine & Dine’m Catering we are committed to providing dietary items that taste just as delicious as our standard menus. In fact, all our menus have been designed to include dietary friendly selections.  

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Now that you’re on top of the wedding trends, it’s time to start planning your day. In order to help you get started, we have created our wedding vendor recommendations guide featuring our favourite suppliers. In addition to this, our events team are here to help, contact us for more information.

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