In 2015, incredible things have happened…

  •          We have celebrated with over 50 happy wedding couples, 12 christenings, and birthday parties that add up to 832 years.
  •          Our smallest event, a private dinner for 6 guests.
  •          Our largest event, a cocktail party for over 1,500 guests.
  •          We have opened more buildings this year than the Lord Mayor.
  •          From boardroom lunches and family days, to cocktail events and dinners, we have catered for 64,995 people.

In 2015, Wine & Dine’m has continued to grow, in many new and exciting ways…

  •          We catered 1,254 unique events.
  •          Our refrigerated delivery vehicles have driven the distance combined of travelling around Australia 4 times.
  •          We catered our longest, a 10-day event event near Boonah for 500 guests, serving up breakfast and dinner every day.
  •          On event days, our full time family of 11 staff has been known to grow to over 200 chefs and waiters.

In 2015, we were a part of larger than life events that had guests astonished…

  •          We served 516 people a three course meal in the Legacy Way Tunnel.
  •          We helped 200 gamers escape from the infamous Boggo Road Gaol.
  •          In the name of charity, we transformed a car park into a gala space for Hummingbird House.

In reflection, 2015 was full of wonderful moments and outstanding celebrations, capped only by our imagination and yours.

Thank you for your support, and we are looking forward to another successful and creative year together in 2016.

The Wine & Dine’m Team